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your needs and goals

Curious about  your posture? your performance ? your health ?

or that of your friends or loved ones?

direction? inspiration? energy? recommencing sport? injuries? nutrition? exercise routine?

chasing olympic or commonwealth games selection? must win the grand final ?

masters athlete chasing the world title? 


“Counting your days instead of making your days count?”


time for you 


time to your goals is the biggest hurdle many will ever face, so make sure you set yourself the

“right goals for you”

Some basic parameters may be :

Think about your goals before you talk to a trainer or gymnasium. Work out how much time you want to dedicate to improving your health and physique. Establish what aspect of fitness or dance most interests you. Do you like gymnasiums? Do you feel it would be more fun to train in a group, meet new people and keep the costs down? Do you like workouts in the park?  Would One on One Suit you? Do you like zumba, yoga, body balance or pilates? Do you prefer ball sports? Is your body ready for aerobicss, running or crossfit? Is your body ready for exercise?

If you can quite comfortably walk 3 times per week for 45 minutes, with out too much exhaustion, your body is ready for more, but remember to choose an activity that fits in with your lifestyle and will minimise travel time too and from the activity.


let us start right now ! 


raise your chin this very second so your computer screen or mobile telephone is at your eye level, your shoulder blades are pinched together and take 3 deep slow breaths.

slowly raise your arms above your head ( drop your telephone )  as though you are about to dive into the swimming pool but ensure ( if you can) that your palms are facing outwards and take another 3 deep slow breaths

ensuring that you are still breathing, your chin is raised, your shoulder blades are pinched together, your abdominal are switched on, take another 3 deep slow breaths as you slowly lower the palms of your hands ( maintaining straight arms ) to your hips.

stand up, walk out of your office or telephone environment, ideally into an area of green open space, stand in a slight squat position, engage your abdominal s and repeat the exercise.

when regularly combined with a good exercise program, a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and hydration the correct alignment of our total human body system will restore psychological well being, capitalise on total human performance and our overall holistic quality of life.

please do not hesitate to drop Nick an email on info@createthebalance.com and let us discuss making your days count instead of counting your days

remember to surround yourself with those that bring out the best in you

email us now at info@createthebalance.com to discuss any concern you may have

warmest regards

Nick Holmes

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