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Sport Specific

We at postural performance have been blessed over the years to have had the opportunities of training along side, learning from, supporting and working with some amazing coaches and athletes from junior and early development to world and olympic champions in a variety of different sports.


we see the biggest limiting factors of  any athlete at any level is physical and physiological injury, and how to ensure physical and emotional health throughout.


Issues such as talent, body type. nature of sport, training base, volume of training, work ethic, previous injury,  postural control , competition anxiety and life experience all combine to deliver perfection if well managed.


As a future “member” we can not wait to deliver access to sport specific “insight to greatness”, where secrets are released and knowledge is passed on at the press of a button to benefit you and your loved ones which ever sport is chosen.


Remember! All the best in life are those as yet to come


Thank you and have a fabulous day

Nick Holmes

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