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body maintenance

The body is supposed to run like a finely tuned car, you can not push it too hard too soon. You have to be careful with your fuels, your fluids and how you use it in order to maintain it. Unlike cars, we can not trade in our bodies when they get a little run down.

The human posture, how we breath, how we move, hold ourselves and activate appropriate muscle groups throughout our day to day rituals, holds the secret to our everyday energy, health, our performance, and ultimate longevity. When combined with a good exercise program, a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and hydration we assist in the correct alignment of our total human body system to restore psychological well being, capitalise on total human performance and our overall holistic quality of life.

Here we will quickly address breathing, sleep, hydration and a simple exercise program.

Remember that ‘progression” is the key.

breathing :

“The direct connection between you and yourself”

“In order to harmonise your soul, you must harmonise your breathing.” – Mabuni Kenei

There is no correct or incorrect way to breath, whether it be ribcage, spine, chest or diaphram through relaxation, Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong or circular breathing through a wind instrument.

The fact is we do have to breath and the more and the deeper you inhale through your nose into your diaphram (abdominal breathing) and exhale through your mouth will encourage full oxygen change ( incoming oxygen for out going carbon dioxide ) reducing a feeling of short breath, tension and anxiety.

sleep :

“a suspension of our normal bodily activities through a passive state of unconsciousness”

The fact is we need sleep to perform at our best, but how must sleep depends on our age, activity engaged in and energy consumed.

All animals and plants have a built-in circadian rhythm  which will naturally synchronise or reset itself each day to within just a few minutes of the Earth’s 24-hour rotation cycle.

The human brain’s circadiam clock however, regulates sleeping, feeding, alertness,  urine production, cell regeneration,hormone production, glucose and insulin levels,core body temperature and brain wave activity.

hormones such as melatonin is produced in the pineal gland of the brain chemically causes drowsiness and lowers body temperatures, while cortisol produced in the adrenal gland, assists in the formation of glucose or blood sugar and to enable anti-stress and anti-inflammatory functions in the body.

two main broad types of sleep with their own distinct  neurological and psychological features of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non rapid eyes movement.

According to US based National Sleep Foundation 2015 Sleep Health journal  those new borns to preschoolers require 10 – 17 hours, 6 – 13 years require 9 to 11 hours, 14 – 17 years require 8 to 10 hours,18 – 64 years require 7 to 9 hours. and 65 plus –  require 7 to 8 hours

how sleep works  is by far the best sleep resource I have found in decades, enjoy the read and happy zzzzzz……. 

hydration & water :

Essential for life and health

Water comprises from 75% body weight in infants to 55% in elderly and is essential for cellular equilibrium and life, disease prevention and health promotion. The complex mechanisms behind water equilibrium and the effects of water consumption has a varied contribution to health and energy intake, weight, and human performance and functioning.

Variation in body water and dehydration  lead to physiological effects in physical and cognitive performance, delirium and restlessness, gastrointestinal function, kidney function, heart function, cause headaches, skin, hydration and chronic disease.

Water absorption varies on your size and weight, your activity level and the climate with which you reside. 

the more alkaline your water is, the more it will assist to neutralise acid in the bloodstream, leading to increased oxygen levels, improved energy and metabolism and said also to contain more antioxidant properties for anti-aging and anti-disease

a simple exercise program :

“progression and constancy is the key to longevity “

Try a blend of cardio, strength and body balance work on a 6 week cycle 

week 1 and 2 : walk 3 mornings a week for 45 minutes, try to walk 2 to 3 minutes before and after barefoot on exposed aggregate.

week 3 and 4 : the days between walks ( 2 or 3 ) commence 3 x 10 slow squat reps, 3 x 10 second bridge holds, 3 x 10 slow horizantal band row reps,3 x 10 slow light weight (2kg) vertical row reps, 3 x 5 slow shoulder width push ups on your knees, 3 x 10 slow wide grip band lateral pull down reps. please proceed to stretch your chest & shoulders over your fitball or within a door frame. ( All barefoot )

week 5 and 6 : build between walks to running twice a week to 3 km, focusing purely on relaxed upright body, engaged core, posture and not speed. note that all routines from week 1 to week 4 are also included.

Please email us on [email protected] and let us know how you feel after the six weeks and you will get your next 6 weeks training diary for free.

Remember! All the best in life are those as yet to come

Thank you and have a fabulous day

Nick Holmes

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