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Welcome to “postural performance” where we improve, personal, professional and athletic performance through our 25 years of industry experience,extra physical effort and body maintenance education, to assist you, your family and friends to “create the balance” throughout your everyday lives.

The human posture, how we breath, how we move, hold ourselves and activate appropriate muscle groups throughout our day to day rituals, holds the secret to our everyday energy, health, our performance, and ultimate longevity.

When combined with a good exercise program, a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and hydration we assist in the correct alignment of our total human body system to restore psychological well being, capitalise on total human performance and our overall holistic quality of life.

We specialise in overuse injuries and injury prevention and are often visited as a last resort after physiotherapists and prior to operations on shoulders, knees, necks, backs, ankles and hips. We release overall fascia and muscular tension throughout the body rendering postural alignment and soft tissues free of trigger points and adhesion’s and relaxed, thus contributing toward the improvement of peak neuro-muscular functioning and the ability to move freely without restrictions or pain.

We also reduce tension on isolated acute injuries, such as sprained ankles, torn muscles, strained backs, shoulders and necks without even touching them, reduces intensity of pain, less trauma referral directly to the injury, and quicker healing time.

One or a combination of remedial massage, myofascial release, sports massage, deep tissue,  sub-dermal therapy trigger point therapy , injury prevention exercises, circulation, muscle stabilisation and activation, neuromuscular optimization, mobility techniques,  , facilitated stretch routines , strength and conditioning,  specific to your needs, will optimise muscle length, increase your full range of movement and dramatically improve your physical, personal, professional and athletic performance, preventing injury from your very first visit.

Have a fabulous day and Remember – All the best things in life are those yet to come.

Nick Holmes

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