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let us be honest :

Over the last 30 years there has been a dramatic increase in populations world wide, which has naturally reflected on a steady rise in population within Australia.

As of Friday, March 23, 2018, the current population of Australia was 24,682,595 with a total land area is 7,682,300 square kilometre (2,966,151 sq. miles) equating to a population density in Australia to be 3 persons per kilometre square (8 people per square miles).  

90.0 % of this population live urban (22,301,673 people in 2018).

when 90% of Australians live in or surrounding our cities, perimeters are getting larger, forestry and farming land is reducing therefore a mass reduction of fresh clean air and green space in both cities and the suburbs.

the mass increase in population, construction, transport sector and non renewable materials has led to the greater drain on natural resources and fisheries, not to mention more traffic, more stress and way more air pollution.

“quite simply by breathing, living, breeding and exercising in a toxic environment  we are accepting that lifestyle diseases and cancers are to rise no matter how much research is done”

we will keep you updated on the bigger solution as we continue to bargain, fight and persuade those in power that by greening our roof tops and facades, dispersing and ideally eliminating the traffic congestion, vehicle numbers on our roads, banning processed foods and create huge green corridors across the cities and suburbs, will we be able to start to make a true impact on lifestyle diseases of which so many of our families are torn apart from world wide

by not selling off assets and investing in the new healthy style affordable low cost sustainable housing,  sustainable township and community infrastructures, water collection, energy and chemical free agriculture; away from cities across this incredible country, will we be confident that such diseases will plummet and all our future generations privileged and not so privileged have a chance to prosper.


always get a second opinion :


The last 30 years has also seen a dramatic change to the health industry.

Alternative medicine, despite the decades of opposition from the medical industry is finally being accepted by many of us as being the way of the future.

that said despite this overweight and obesity is a major public health issue and among the leading risk factors to ill-health in Australia.

as we feed you with more and more statistics over the next few years, we will have solutions to reducing those statistics. It starts by researching and self diagnosing your health issues before it becomes too late.

In the mean time feel free to click https://www.healthdirect.gov.au and familiarise yourself with issues that may or may not be facing you or one of your loved ones before you head to your doctor. If you are not convinced, head for a “second opinion ” and arm yourself with all of the possibilities before you start relying on “the system” for the rest of your life.

a healthy doctor makes for a healthy patient 

remember all the best things in life are those yet to come.

Have a fabulous day

Nick Holmes

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