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community involvement and sponsorship:

Nick and his company Create The Balance has been charitably involved with his community and other communities all over the world since the companies was establishment in 2002.

While more visually remembered for his work with Sporting clubs and developing athletes it is his work with those far less fortunate than most of us, who simply can not afford services like his to achieve their day to day health challenges, he says is the must in this industry and has far deeper the reward of personal satisfaction.

Nick is a huge advocate for the underdog, and believes that there is a time and a place for everything, when we are ready for change, things will change and that one person can truly make a difference.

Highlights include :

  • Working withTelly Karadimos at Surfers Apollo Soccer Club on The Gold Coast Premier League Team finishing the season with 2002 Minor Premiership and Grand Final Winners for the 1st time in the Clubs 20 year history.
  • Working with Football Federation Australia to educate the local and indigenous kids of Windorah Soccer, Northern Queensland in 2004
  • Organising and coordinating 2 off Swim Against Malaria Campaigns with founder Ron Mather in 2003 and 2005 to supply long lasting mosquito nets to malaria affected parts of the third world.
  • Sponsorship to Fiji Swimmer – Paul Elaisa in his first Australian coaching campaign in 2010 pertaining to his selection for Londons 2012 Olympic Games.
  • Constantly lobbying for green space and ethical sustainable construction and planning in West End, South Brisbane and the Gold Coast
  • Working with Lance Johnson and the Tugan Baracuda Waterpolo club in 2004 to enhance performance and minimise injury and ultimately win the only Mens National League Gold Medal in the clubs 50 plus year history.

Much more will be revealed shortly, including a long awaited exciting project of which has been discussed amongst its community for almost 15 years.

Stay tuned and remember- All the best things in life are those yet to come

Thank you and have a fabulous day

Nick Holmes

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