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The body is supposed to run like a finely tuned car, you can not push it too hard too soon. You have to be careful with your fuels, your fluids and how you use it in order to maintain it. Unlike cars, we can not trade in our bodies when they get a little run down.

Personal Trainers & Coaches

There are many types of personal trainers and coaches, with a wide variety of qualifications and varying experience in there relevant sports or chosen areas of expertise. Here is a short list of the basic parameters of which will help establish the appropriate requirements when choosing trainers for you or your family.

1.Think about your own goals prior to even talking to a personal trainer.

2.Work out how much time you want to commit to improving your health and physique.

3.Establish what aspect of fitness or dance most interests you.

4.Do you like gymnasiums ?

5.Do you like work outs in the park ?

6.Do you feel it would be better to work with a group to keep the costs down and have a bit more of        a fun time meeting people.

7.Would one on one suit you more ?

8.Do you like zumba, yoga, pilates or body balance ?

9.Is your body ready for aerobics, running cross fit ?

10.Is your body ready for exercise ?

Are You Ready ?

If you can quite comfortably walk 3 times a weak for 45 minutes, with out too much exhaustion, your body is ready for more ? With walking you are forced to think about your steps, your heal toe and the engagement of your lower limbs, you are forced to use your upper limbs and as a result a dramatic increase in oxygen intake, circulation, muscle engagement, mobility and all round beginner health.

Health Check : Although all personal trainers are required to do a thorough physical prior to accepting you as a client, it is very advisable to get a total physical check from your doctor prior to even visiting a personal trainer if there is any doubt in your mind that your health is not up to 3 x 45 minutes walks per week.

Massage : It is advisable to visit a remedial therapist or sports masseur to ensure your muscles are at the optimal resting length and that you can move all your limbs freely. If you can not, I suggest a few more massage sessions, while working closely with a good trainer if your massage therapist has limited knowledge on strengthening, stabilising and all round body balance. If you are worried, always get a second opinion.

Sport & Fitness Professionals Remember : A good trainer will fine tune your body from the first day. You will not be pushed, you will get a gradual controlled increase of exercise from the initiation. Once your body is a fine tuned, well controlled and stabilised machine, only then is it right to begin to push.

Your Trainer

  1. Be sure any fitness services you take part in operate in an ethical and professional way with the best interests of their clients.
  2. If you enter an agreement i.e. like a membership, then all the terms & conditions must be disclosed upfront, with a 48hour cooling off period. You can not be asked to pre-pay more than 12months of the term of the agreement.
  3. Be sure they establish a good understanding of your needs, objectives or goals when it comes your overall health. Where necessary they should conduct a health screening to identify any risks and your level of fitness, develop a program suitable for you, guide you through equipment use, facilities or demonstrate exercises. Contraindications to exercise are onsidered when developing a program.
  4. Hydration and eating the correct types of foods are also things which they may be able to guide you on, however for specifics you should seek the advice of a nutritionist.
  5. Rest & recovery is important, be sure you also maintain the body with sound sleeping patterns, coupled with regular massage from a professional.

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Nick Holmes

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